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Summer Solstice SwimRun Support and Safety

  1. Aid stations will be located at various points across the course featuring water, gatorade, bananas, and cinnamon rolls. Participants are expected to carry personal nutrition with them if needed.
  2. Medical personnel will be stationed at various locations across the course. Race personnel will be equipped with radios to communicate.
  3. Teammates must be within 10 yards of one another on the swims and 100 yards of each other on the runs. 
  4. Race personnel may stop a team from continuing if participants are judged to be incapable of competing safely due to fatigue or injury.
  5. Race personnel have discretion to cancel the event, alter, shorten, hold-in-place or otherwise change the course at any time as a consequence of weather or other unexpected course conditions beyond their control that may jeopardize the safety of participants.
  6. Race personnel have discretion to remove any participant from the water for safety reasons.