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Summer Solstice SwimRun Rules

  1. The course traverses public and private land in and around Jackman, Moose River, and Dennistown, Maine. Participants are required to follow the prescribed route and any deviation will be grounds for disqualification.

  2. Team participants must complete the course in teams of two, racing at the same time. Teammates must be within 10 yards of one another on the swims and 100 yards of each other on the runs. Use of a tether required.

  3. Any participant who encounters any other participant in need of aid must stop and provide aid. This is the spirit of swimrun. Failure to do so will be grounds for disqualification.

  4. Required Equipment:

    1. One wetsuit per person covering at minimum the torso and upper half of the thighs. Water temps are usually in the low 50 degrees F this time of year.

    2. One tether per team (10 feet is recommended length)

    3. One whistle per person
    4. One swim safety buoy per team

    5. One course map per team (provided), packed in waterproof fashion

    6. One First Aid Pressure Bandage, packed in waterproof fashion

  5. Competitors may also carry:

    1. Hand paddles

    2. Insulating/neoprene swim cap, gloves, socks

    3. Personal flotation device (cannot be larger than 40 x 24 cm)

    4. Flippers

    5. Compass or watch compass

    6. Personal nutrition

  6. Carry in / carry out: Participants must complete the race with everything with which they started. There are no toilet facilities on the course; utmost discretion is expected of participants. Littering or leaving objects on the course will be grounds for disqualification.

  7. Course time cutoffs: Checkpoints will be established that must be reached by a certain time in order to continue racing. Organizers reserve the right to modify checkpoint locations and cut-off times during the race as conditions require.

    1. Long Course cut-off checkpoint: 11 a.m. (see map)

    2. Short Course cut-off checkpoint: 12:00 p.m. (see map)

  8. Release of Photographic Image: Participants agree to permit the race organization to utilize photographs, video or film images taken during the event for use in marketing, press accounts, or publicity in print or digital form over all mediums of transmission.
  9. The top finishing team in each long course team category (Mixed/Female/Male) will receive free entry to the SwimRun National Championship.