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Summer Solstice SwimRun Course Maps

Note: All course elements are subject to change.

Short Course

You and your partner begin this clockwise course at historic Sky Lodge. Run 1 is a gentle downhill on the Old Canada Scenic Byway (Route 201) through the town of Moose River, with a left turn onto Pleasant Street. You’ll enjoy recreational trails that parallel Route 201 and then turn left onto Heald Stream Road. Scramble down to Moose River and enjoy Swim 1 going with the current. Climb out at the Jackman airport and run on grass and more recreational trails back to Route 201 in downtown Jackman. Run 2 continues onto another trail parallel to Spruce Street. At the end of the trail, jump into Big Wood Pond for Swim 2. Hug the shoreline as you swim North to the public beach. Jog up the grassy park to start Run 3. Turn North on Rt 201 and then left on Henderson Road as it curves through a neighborhood filled with cheering fans! Continue on Cook Road and then take the trail to the campground boat launch on Moose River. Your final Swim 3 is downstream again and under the bridge to the boat launch. Climb the stairs and you’re on Rt. 201 again for a joyous uphill through Jackman and Moose River and back to your finish at Sky Lodge.Short Course Map

Swim Run Short Course

Note: All course elements are subject to change.

Long Course

You and your partner will begin your clockwise course at Sky Lodge with Run 1 heading South on Route 201, the Old Canada Scenic Byway, through Moose River toward Jackman. Swim 1 is in the Moose River with the current, getting out at the Jackman airport. Run 2 takes you back through downtown Jackman to the public beach. Swim 2 across Big Wood Pond to Hog Island. Respect private property as you make your way through thick forests on Hog Island for Run 3. A short Swim 3 brings you to a rock scramble (Run 4), and your Swim 4 crosses to the West side of Big Wood Pond to a summer camp. Run 5 is on a newly cut ATV trail. Swim 5 crosses Mud Pond, and you’ll follow flagging through the woods that brings you to an established fire road for Run 6. Swim 6 curves through Little Big Wood Pond to a private boat ramp exit and you’re back on a rolling fire road and ATV trail for Run 7. Rancourt Pond is your final Swim 7, and then you’re on the local trail club trails and Route 201 for the long run with a fast downhill to the finish line at Sky Lodge.

Long Course Map

Long Course Swim Run