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Moose River Valley Center Membership

To ensure the safety of Unity College students, employees, and the general public, access to the Unity College: Moose River Valley Center will only be available to members. To obtain membership to the Moose River Valley Center [MRVC], an individual must complete an electronic registration form, acknowledge a liability statement, and submit proof of full COVID-19 vaccination. Upon completion, a MRVC Membership Card will be issued by the Director of Sky Lodge. The individual will also be provided a unique four-digit access code to the MRVC. The MRVC is open to members Tuesday-Thursday from 9am to 4pm.

Electronic Registration

Individuals interested in MRVC membership must complete the registration process on an annual basis following the Unity College fiscal calendar from July 1 to June 30. To sign up, please complete the Moose River Valley Center Membership request form. Please be aware the following information is included on the form:

Liability Waiver Statement

A liability waiver will be included with the registration form. Individuals will electronically acknowledge the statement.

COVID Vaccination

Proof of full vaccination to be submitted electronically. Employees, students, and members of the MRVC must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. For our purposes, a person is “fully vaccinated” when they have received either:

  • a two-dose series of an RNA vaccine followed by a booster; or
  • the one-dose Janssen vaccine followed by a booster

All individuals should continue to follow social distancing and masking guidelines that are in place. We ask that individuals carry their masks with them and remain respectful of those who choose or need to mask. As these guidelines are fluid with the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic, changes to these guidelines will be communicated via email and updates will be made to applicable signage.

MRVC Membership Card

Once the requestor has provided the required information, the Director of Sky Lodge will review the request. The decision to approve or deny a request is wholly at the discretion of Unity College. If approved, the individual’s name will be added to the list of MRVC Members and a physical MRVC Membership Card with the guest’s name will be produced. The Director will also add the individual to the ResNexus Remote Lock system as an approved visitor and the individual will be assigned a unique four [4] digit access code. To collect a MRVC Membership Card and receive the access code, the individual must present their government approved ID to the Director of Sky Lodge for verification.

There is no charge to the individual for issuing the Membership Card for the 2022-23 fiscal year, though a replacement card may incur a $10.00 replacement fee. Once issued, the MRVC Membership Card may be revoked at any time within the sole discretion of Unity College.

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