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Sustainable Ecotourism Class – Visit and Research, September 14-16

Sky Lodge Main Lodge

Instructor: Dr. Janis Balda

In the middle of September, Unity College: Sky Lodge welcomed students for a research visit focused on the principles of sustainable ecotourism. This course, part of the Sustainable Business Enterprise major, introduces students to the field of ecotourism by exploring a wide range of possible sustainable ecotourism activities including traditional outdoor activities and the enjoyment of natural resources, as well as the impacts of such use on the natural surroundings and the community.

During their visit, students conducted research and information gathering, interviews, journaling, and application of ecotourism theories and principles in order to initiate a draft plan for a sustainable ecotourism enterprise. The ecotourism principles they learned from their time on-site as well as their time in the classroom this semester will inform their final class project which involves developing a real-world proposal with concrete suggestions and guidance for the growth of sustainable ecotourism business in the Moose River and Jackman communities.


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